In a previous blog I shared with you some insights from the GMIC Sustainable Meetings Conference held in April this year and further to this was two measuring tools that I thought were quite interesting.

I’m somewhat familiar with the three prominent standards; ISO20121,  APEX and GRI, but one of the exciting new tool explored at the conference was SEMS, an online sustainable event management system developed in Australia.

SEMS is used to plan, monitor, measure, check, act and report upon the sustainability performance of organizations and events. You can also be audited and gain conformity to ISO 20121: Event Sustainability Management Systems Standard using SEMS.

Another reporting tool from The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI).  WTTC have developed a common methodology: ‘HCMI 1.0’ for measuring and communicating carbon emissions. HCMI 1.0 was launched on 12 June 2012.  The aim of HCMI 1.0 is to align hotel sector in how it reports carbon emissions, and develop a common language which will provide clarity to customers who would like to understand their carbon footprint and in turn helping the client achieve their own carbon reduction goals.  You can download a request form from the site.

GMIC is a great resource for learning about the full picture on sustainable events as they have a three tiered educational framework. What sustainable tools are you using or learning about?