“Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes, now
That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas”

From Frank to Katy Perry there has been many a tune about the party life in Vegas.  But some of us are here to work and getting a good night’s sleep is a pretty big deal.  Combine a new environment, an indulgent dinner, jet lag and the stress of pulling together a perfect meeting in the morning, it is not surprising so many are sleepless in Vegas!

Here is a few suggestions from my experience that may be helpful to you.

  1. Jetlag is unavoidable and it is best managed by clocking into the local time zone. No afternoon nap!
  2. Dehydration in Vegas is common so stay on top of it.  Tap water is perfectly safe in Las Vegas.  All hotel service staff are wonderful about plying you with bottled water, so make sure you ask the valet and bellman (and put the empties in recycling).
  3. Take bedtime seriously on your first night and it will set you up for the rest of your stay.
    • Turn off the TV and laptop and put on Pandora with your favorite relaxing music
    • Stretch (yoga/meditate if you are angelic)
    • Have a glass of wine but don’t get tipsy
    • Take a relaxing shower/bath
    • Use essential oils to relax and unwind, Lavender or Geranium under the nose and on your feet.  Here is a link for the most amazing oils – doTERRA essential oils.

    Good Night and Sweet Dreams!