As a busy Las Vegas event planner and mother of an energizer-bunny four year old, I have a slight obsession with coffee…

When my husband and I relocated from Sydney in 2010 it was high priority that we take our beloved Bezzera Milano espresso machine. It has since become a morning ritual, basically a morning love affair. Up until recently, there weren’t many options outside my kitchen to get a good hit in Las Vegas.

If you are a Starbucks fan and you are happy with the status quo, this post is not for you. There is a Starbucks in just about every casino along The Strip and Downtown Las Vegas.

I’ve experienced latte love outside my home and so too can the conference planner (and be the hero of their team) and find a comforting, uplifting, elegant espresso not too far from your hotel.

Markers & Finders, Main Street, Downtown

At Markers & Finders, located in Downtown Las Vegas, you will find the most amazing lavender infused latte that is so smooth and comforting it seems to almost stop time. The urban coffee bar is located next to several great retro shops in the Arts District and the patrons I observed at this place were truly the trendsetters of Vegas. Along with their wonderful lattes Markers & Finders offer a variety of Latin comfort foods.

Sambalatte, Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino

Vegas locals travel near and far for a cup of their favorite coffee at Sambalatte located in Summerlin, which used to be the only location on the west side of town. With the opening of their second location on The Strip visitors now can enjoy their high quality coffee and café ambiance at the Monte Carlo Hotel.

Sunrise Café, Sunset

Looking for something more exciting then the hotel gym & filter coffee? Take a 5-minute taxi to Sunset Park and enjoy the desert-jogging path. Afterwards head over to Sunrise Café and treat yourself to coffee excellence and a vegetarian breakfast. You’ll be invigorated and sail through your morning meetings!

Bouchon Café, Venetian Hotel & Casino

It’s hard to resist a sublime sweet by Thomas Keller with your coffee at Bouchon Café. This is a great Strip location cafe for a takeout coffee or to sit at their patio and sip your favorite beverage. Located on the north-central end of The Strip at the Venetian Hotel you can’t go wrong at Bouchon.

Whether you are here for a one-day meeting or a multi-day conference event, take a moment to taste my Vegas and dare to try a new café that takes as greater care in preparing their coffee as their food.